Five Domains of Innovations (image by author)

Jakarta: (September, 2020): Digital Divide Institute (DDI) today signed an agreement with the Republic of Indonesia’s National ICT Council (Wantiknas), chaired by the nation’s President. Fifteen years in the making, the pact activates the world’s first ethics-driven model for closing digital divide, based on a framework called “meaningful broadband.” A coalition has formed with the aim of creating a bottom-up alternative to the “winner takes-all” digital economy.

The pact, signed in September 2020, establishes a boundary-smashing structure: Meaningful Broadband Working Group (MBWG) to be co-chaired by Ilham A Habibie, director of Wantiknas and Professor Craig Warren Smith, chairman of DDI…

Craig Warren Smith

Former Harvard Professor of Kennedy School, Visiting Professor at Peking University, Department of Information Management, Chairman of Digital Divide Institute

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